What Can You Do to Prevent Dementia?

Dementia is a condition of the mind that can lead to memory loss and other serious effects. This is a condition that tends to get more and more common as we age, even though it is not exclusive to the elderly. There are a number of factors that can increase your risk of dementia, which can get worse over time. However, with some small lifestyle changes, it is possible to reduce this risk so you can continue living a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle.

Here are a few ways that can help you prevent dementia:

  • Assisted Living and In-Home Care
    Providers of in-home care services or an assisted living facility in Walnut Creek, California is a great way to prevent dementia. We offer a number of different kinds of services that are designed to help you live a more comfortable lifestyle, while also personalizing services that can help you prevent or treat dementia.
  • Get Proper Rest
    One of the best things that you can do when it comes down to preventing dementia is to simply get some rest. Proper sleep will not only help you prevent dementia, but it will also provide a wide range of other benefits. The reason why this is so effective is due to the fact that when we rest, our brains are able to flush out amyloid plaques. Amyloid plaques are a waste product created when our brain cells communicate. The build-up of this plaque is known to increase the risk for dementia.
  • Exercise
    Exercising on a regular basis is another good way to prevent dementia. Physical activity will not only boost your physical health, but it will also improve your mental health. Exercising improves the efficiency of your brain cells, especially if you can be consistent with this habit with assistance from providers of In-home care services.
  • Eat Right
    Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is another good way to maintain your mental health. There are many different kinds of food that you can eat to reduce your risk of dementia. A good example would be cold water seafood such as salmon or trout. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to improve mental health.

Those are just a few of the many things to keep in mind when it comes down to preventing dementia. If you would like to find out more about this or if you are interested in our placement agency in California, please feel free to get in touch with Guiding Light Support Services for more information.

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