Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp at 60

Forgetfulness can be attributed to a number of things like the medication we take or the food we eat but even as simple as not writing down what you need to do when you have so many items that needs to be done can make you forget your important tasks. Though in particular cases, it could be due to a decline in cognitive functions like cases of Dementia.

Dementia is the broad terminology given to any condition related to the decline of mental processes like that of Alzheimer’s, the most common type of dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies and vascular dementia. With the advancement of science and researches, dementia can be delayed by keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping your memory sharp at 60 or at any age for that matter can be something you can do with our In-Home Care Services. Below are 3 ways that you can add to your lifestyle to help your mind stay sharp at any age.

  • Exercise and stay active
    By keeping active regularly, you promote good blood circulation needed to keep a constant distribution of essential nutrients in your body. Think of your body as an efficient restaurant where the servers pro-actively attend to all their dining patrons’ needs and also care for their restaurant’s cleanliness status. When the service flows well, the restaurant runs smoothly – which should equally happen to your body when you eat healthily and strive to stay active. The constant blood supply distributes the necessary components to functions.
  • Learn to pause
    Pausing can mean being aware of your surroundings, which can greatly prevent getting too overwhelmed with what you need to do. Practicing deep breaths can also help you calm down and deliver more oxygen to your brain – oxygen being greatly needed to function well and stay alert.
  • Value sleep
    At some point, we will all get to have lesser uncomfortable sleeping times but at our Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California, we make sure that all our residents get to sleep well and comfortably. Sleep is essential in memory consolidation, cell regeneration, as well as cleansing of the body. That is why it is very important to give your body enough time to rest because the more hours you let it rest, the better it can perform its cleansing and reparations.

We can help your loved one settle into our senior placement agency in California to slowly change routines at home to our facility. Programs are designed to help keep residents active and stay sharp as they interact within the community.

Guiding Light Support Services helps promote sharps minds for everyone at any age.

If you need assistance for a friend or loved one who is looking for senior living services in North California, please call us at 925-783-7624. We now serve the following counties: Solano, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento and San Mateo.

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