Reasons to Choose a Home Away from Home

While the last thing we would ever want is to be away from our elderly loved ones, if it means giving them a chance for a better life, then we need to surrender ourselves to that choice. Guiding Light Support Services is an Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California that makes it so much easier for you to make this decision. When you see the level of care and top-notch services we provide, you won’t hesitate to bring your aging family members to our home.

Assisted living care offers residents a “home away from home” and a chance at a new life. Below are five reasons to choose this type of care for your senior loved one:

  • When the home is no longer conducive to a high quality of life
    Safe and comfortable living is what our elderly loved ones deserve. If their homes can no longer give them that kind of life, then it’s definitely time to make a change. There may come a point when your loved ones become stuck in a lonely and monotonous routine that slowly eats at them. You must consider partnering with a residential or assisted living facility when this happens.
  • When the home is no longer safe
    A home that doesn’t give the feeling of safety or security can no longer be called a home. If you only feel sadness, loneliness, and anxiety in the place you used to call your home, then take that as a sign that residential care is calling out to you, ready to provide a more meaningful life.
  • Your loved one’s home is too far from yours
    This is an issue many family members are experiencing. When our senior loved ones’ home is too far from ours, we tend to worry too much and rarely have peace of mind. An assisted living facility that’s close to where you live or work would definitely be a great place for your elderly loved ones to move to.
  • The home is filled with bad memories
    A home can also have its fair share of bad memories that overwhelm your loved one and cause depression. If sad memories become too much, your aging family member may no longer be able to live a good quality of life in their own home.
  • The home no longer feels like home
    A home can cease to feel like home when feelings of love, safety, and security associated with living in that home slowly disappear. In such cases, a home can no longer give your loved ones the quality of life they deserve.

Guiding Light Support Services is a placement agency in California that looks to help you land the most suitable type of senior care for your aging loved one. Get in touch with us today.

What other good reasons are there for choosing a home away from home? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.

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