Quick Guide: What to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

There may come a point in your loved one’s life when staying in an assisted living facility becomes a necessity. As this is a major step for your family, it requires a lot of thought and careful evaluation. With all the plethora of facilities accessible for the choosing, how do you get the right one?

With our skills in assisting clients to find the best Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California, we offer these basic qualifications you ought to consider in choosing a facility their loved ones. You will not also go and check them out alone, as our team will help you out and assist you in locating for the ideal assisted living center for your beloved.

  • Safe and Clean Building
    Consider the physical appearance of the facility if it looks well-maintained or safe. You would want to let your aging loved one stay in a facility where you can have peace of mind that they will be safe and in good condition.
  • Safety Measures
    Being a placement agency in California, we also help you find the right assisted living facility where safety measures are in place and secured. We help you check for grab bars in the right places, proper location of the emergency exits, accessible emergency buttons, and safety locks on the resident’s doors and windows. Additionally, check if the smoke detectors are working well.
  • Fresh and Pleasant Smell
    In your visit to the facility, you can also try to sense about the pervading odor in the place. Unpleasant odors can signify accidents, lack of maintenance, or other unhealthy signs. It will be even ideal if the facility has good ventilation and will give your loved one good access to fresh air from the surrounding.
  • Good-looking Residents
    The appearance of the residents can also give a picture of the quality of the care provided to them. If they are well-groomed, displaying friendly attitude, and exhibiting happiness, you can have a positive sign already. Take time to also interact with the residents and ask them about their personal experience of being in the facility.
  • Friendly Staff
    Interact with the staff providing In-Home Care Services to the client. It will be helpful to sense genuine friendliness and attention from their team so that you can relax in knowing your loved one is in their care.
  • Resident Participation
    Inquire about the programs that the facility is having for their residents. Carefully observe if the residents are actively participating in the programs assigned for the day. Their attention and participation can give you a relaxed idea that your loved one can also have a great time in that facility.

The search for the right assisted living facility is no longer as complicated as you think it is, because our team at Guiding Light Support Services is here to assist you. With our lengthy experience in elderly care, we will help you find the ideal center that is fitting for your loved one’s specific care needs. Set an appointment with us anytime.

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