How to Improve Medication Adherence for Seniors

When we are taking care of an elderly loved one, we may encounter challenges on medication adherence. These are challenges because they keep your loved one from taking the medicine as prescribed. Correct adherence is very essential for their overall health, recovery, and wellbeing. So if they are having difficulties in following their medication schedule, this can be bad news for their health.

Is there anything you can do about it? Consider the following recommended steps to take.

  • Identify Reasons for Non-Adherence
    Before we can help our loved one to follow their medication schedule, we also need to know why they are not following it. The common reasons for non-adherence include forgetfulness, polypharmacy, and mobility issues. When you learn what reasons keep them from taking their meds as advised, you can make ways to address this. For instance, you may hire providers of In-Home Care Services to give them medication reminders.
  • Organize Medication Schedule
    There are many ways to organize their medication schedule. You can create a large calendar board at home. Your loved one can refer to this every time. You can also ask the pharmacy to pack their medicines according to specific intake schedule. You can even remind them yourself. What’s important is that being organized can help your loved one to stick to a routine, which improves their adherence.
  • Identify Affordable Medication Options
    Another reason that seniors don’t take medicines is that they find them expensive. They think they are saving more on not buying these meds at all. Yet, this could not be further from the truth. Medication costs should not be a reason for them not to take any. Generic medicines are there as a more affordable option. Also, there are different payment options from government and private insurances to help augment the cost.
  • Discuss Mental Barriers
    Your loved one may not also take medicines because of unfounded fears. They may have bad thoughts about the drug that they have been using since they were younger. It is important that these fears are addressed so that your loved one can take their medication as prescribed. If you find it necessary to relocate your loved one to an Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California, better do so.
  • Manage Side Effects
    Most medicines have side effects. This could be another reason why your loved one doesn’t adhere to their intake. Help them address these side effects. Ask their doctor or pharmacist about the side effects of their medications so you can prepare on what needs to be done. You can also ask for another medication option that will have lesser side effects.

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