How to Help Your Aging Parents Transition to Memory Care Smoothly

Aging affects the different capacities of an individual. One of them is mental capacity, specifically the person’s memory. Loss of memory is often associated with aging. Such loss often puts the life and health of an individual at risk. Moreover, other members of the family will get worried about the situation.

A lot of families opt to take advantage of In-Home Care Services. Aging family members can stay in their own abodes while also receiving the care services they require. But, there are also those who may require moving to a memory care facility. This type of facility specializes in providing care to individuals with memory-related illnesses.

If your senior parents are about to move to a memory care facility, it will be good to help make the transition process as smooth as possible. Doing so will help reduce the stress brought about by the general situation, thereby, not having a negative impact on their health. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Find the right facility.
    There are a lot of memory care facilities out there. It can be hard picking out one among the many. You will have to find the right facility where your loved ones can thrive healthily, safely, and happily. Getting relevant advice from a placement agency in California will surely help.
  • Visit the facility together beforehand.
    Help your parents get acquainted with their new home. Days before the actual move, arrange for a tour of the facility. Let them take a look at the different amenities present and even meet the current residents. This can help ease their anxieties over their new environment. They may even get excited to experience various activities available for them.
  • Share information with one another.
    Introduce your parents to their caregivers. Inform them about their caregivers’ backgrounds, duties, and more. At the same time, give as much information about your parents’ routines to the caregivers as possible. Doing so helps the staff know your loved ones better and care for them.
  • Decorate the room accordingly.
    Make the atmosphere as home-like as possible. Use decorations that will remind them of home and anything familiar. Why not get them involved with the mess of decorating? They might love to be a part of it!
  • Visit regularly.
    The best way for them to adjust is to visit them as if the facility is really their home. This is also true for those about to move to an Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California. Visits also help reduce loneliness in your parents.

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