Dementia Wandering: How We Can Help

Wandering is common among persons diagnosed with dementia. A person wanders when he/she goes to an unrecognized destination due to forgetfulness or being disoriented. The Alzheimer’s Association says 60% of individuals with dementia will wander off. Because of the person’s state of mind, wandering puts a dementia patient at risk.

There are many ways to prevent dementia patients from wandering from your home. However, when your loved one’s home is no longer safe for them, they can be relocated to our Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California.

At Guiding Light Support Services, we implement different methods to secure your loved one from wandering. These include the following:

  • Establish a Routine
    We create everyday activities that your loved one can follow through. With a structured day, your loved one with dementia can stay focused. So, they will not entertain the idea of wandering off.
  • Monitored Activities
    We also have staff who can watch the activities of your loved one. We determine the time of the day when they are mostly agitated or anxious. We create activities they can be busy with during their anxious moments.
  • Provides Basic Needs
    Because we also provide quality In-Home Care Services, we are fully aware of the basic needs of our residents. We ensure these needs are met. In so doing, the person doesn’t get frustrated for not having their needs met.
  • Secured Location
    Our location is also safe and secure for our residents, especially for those with memory problems. Even when your loved one wanders off outside the facility, they are still within the confines of the location.
  • Signal Devices in Place
    Along with the security we put in place are the signal devices we install in our facility. We put up chimes or alarms in entryways to alert our team that someone is coming in or going out. This alarm system enables us to be more adept with our residents’ safety.
  • Diligent SupervisionOur staff team recognizes the need for persons with dementia to be supervised every time. When your loved one has also moved into our facility, we will see to it that one of our professional care providers are supervising their activities.
  • Provides Reassurance
    Some persons with dementia need reassurance when they are starting to feel disoriented. Our care team is always easily accessible to every resident. Hence, when they show signs of agitation or disorientation, we can immediately assist them.

As a placement agency in California, we encourage you to be always on top of your loved one’s health and well-being. When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, stay proactive in ensuring their safety and wellness. Know when is the right time to seek professional help. When you observe wandering behavior in your loved one, move them into our assisted living facility. Here, they are safe to spend their aging years even with dementia.

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