About Us

Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California

We make finding safe assisted living facilities and communities easy and convenient for our patients and their families.

Guiding Light Support Services (GLSS) started in 2016, with the hopes of helping those elders who can no longer stay home alone safely. We assist them and their families in their search for finding the proper Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California for their loved ones, either in a larger assisted living community or a smaller board and care.

We help families find the appropriate Assisted Living and/or state licensed facility (board and care). We go with the families and give personally guided tours of all facilities. We arrange for owners or administrators to be present to answer any family questions.

At Guiding Light Support Services, we work hard in guiding our clients so that they can make the best decisions possible when it comes to the care of their senior loved ones.

We are also a member of BBB and we have RNs and Licensed Clinical Social Workers on staff to assist with assessment and care plans.

Guiding Light Support Services commits itself in maintaining an honest and ethical practice in our field, providing fair placement services to our clients. We strive hard to always do right by the families we serve and provide assistance with.

Guiding Light Support Services is owned and operated by Jarvis Walker. He is dedicated to providing excellent care and services to everyone they serve.

His wife is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working in hospitals to help people since 2006. She has a Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. She obtained her Masters from San Francisco State in Social Work with a focus on family consulting.

She is passionate about giving back to the community. She takes the task of helping seniors very seriously, and she wants to make certain that they are safe in the best possible setting that they can be in. She prides herself on being an affable person and she enjoys working with just about anyone – from seniors and their families, to facility administrators. She is also very resourceful and a passionate advocate.

Jarvis Walker has a long history of helping people, from his service as a veteran of the U.S. Navy up to his experience as a social worker. He has the skills and knowledge to help clients search for and advocate for the best quality of care. After leaving the Navy, Jarvis obtained his bachelor’s degree with a minor in Social Work.

Known for his passion, drive, and high standards for being the best in the industry, you can rest assured that Jarvis will help you with the challenges of choosing the right care provider, be it for yourself or your loved one. He is personable and professional, and often sought out by colleagues and peers for sensible advice.