5 Tips on Caring for Patients with Alzheimer’s

It’s not easy to care for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The challenge becomes even more daunting when you don’t have any training to begin with.

Guiding Light Support Services, an Assisted Living Facility in Walnut Creek, California, has put together 5 solid tips for delivering exceptional care to a patient or loved one suffering from any form of dementia. We hope this helps new and experienced caregivers have more control over their situation.

  1. Get an accurate diagnosis
    Getting an accurate diagnosis means you can structure the care plan around your patient’s specific cognitive issues. Furthermore, it gives you an understanding of the signs and behavioral changes to expect so you won’t be caught by surprise. You’ll be aware of all the medication options or if it’s even ideal for your patient to take medicine in the first place.
  2. Understanding the condition
    If you’re going to be a caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient, then expect to do a lot of research. The healthcare environment is constantly changing and there are new diseases, treatments, medications, procedures, and technologies that we need to update ourselves on. There could be a new discovery about Alzheimer’s or dementia treatments that could improve patient care. And even if there aren’t, you still need to acquire all the necessary information about this disease in order to become a good caregiver.
  3. Patience is your greatest weapon
    Patience is always a great quality to have, but it’s especially helpful when you’re a caregiver who’s constantly placed in the most frustrating situations. Caring for someone who is not themselves can test every bit of your patience. If you’re normally not a patient person then learn to become one. The first step is understanding and empathizing with what a person with Alzheimer’s is going through.
  4. Rely on experts
    It’s always helpful to learn from people with more experience in caring for dementia patients. Remember that you are dealing with complex cognitive issues that can test a caregiver’s limits in so many ways. Ask experts for daily routine tips and effective ways to communicate with people with Alzheimer’s.
  5. Quality time is important
    No matter how much Alzheimer’s may have changed your loved one, it’s still vital to make them feel safe, happy, and loved. Make it a point to connect and spend quality time with someone, be it a family member or patient, with Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia.

There are home care companies and other institutions out there that are renowned for their exceptional memory care services. Guiding Light Support Services, a senior placement agency in California, can help you find the best care arrangement for your loved one.

Do you have any other tips on how to care for a person with Alzheimer’s? Please feel free to comment them below.

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